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About Student Support Services

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Our goal is to provide every student with a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) allowing each student to achieve to his/her highest educational potential through access to the general education curriculum. It is important to note that the Millis Public Schools provides appropriate services and supports so that all children are educated with a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive setting.

The office oversees a variety of student support services including Health Services, Special Education, Guidance, Counseling, Home and Hospital Instruction, Child Find, Integrated Preschool, and Homelessness.


Health Services

The services provided by the school nurse:

  • provides direct health care to students
  • provides leadership for the provision of health services
  • provides screening and referral for health conditions
  • promotes a healthy school environment
  • promotes health
  • serves as a leadership role for health policies and protocols
  • serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and health care providers

Please see the Millis Public Schools Health Services pages for more information about school health services.


Special Education

It is important to note that the Millis Public Schools provides appropriate services and supports so that all children are educated with a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive setting.

Special Education is specially designed instruction and related services that meet the unique needs of an eligible student with a disability or a specific service need. This specially designed instruction is necessary to allow the student with a disability to access the general curriculum.

Please refer to the Parent’s Guide to the Referral Process (flow chart) for more information.



There are many services and programs offered by the guidance staff. These include

  • academic counseling
  • post secondary planning and college/career counseling
  • personal counseling
  • seminars
  • parent’s nights
  • student teacher assistance team

Please see the Millis Public Schools Guidance pages for more information about guidance events, forms and guidance staff.



The counseling staff works together to promote student growth in educational, social-emotional and career development areas. They strive to build a foundation for learning based on:

  • positive attitudes towards school and learning
  • personal responsibility
  • respect for self and others
  • knowledge and skills for career planning


Please see the Millis Public Schools Counseling Resource pages for more information about counseling.


Home & Hospital Instruction

A Millis public school student, who, due to documented medical reasons, is confined to home or a hospital for fourteen (14) school days or more during the school year, is entitled to receive home/hospital educational services as described under 603 CMR 28.03(3)(c). In this context "Millis public school student" means a student who is enrolled in Millis school district or a charter school, or a student who is being educated with public funds in an educational collaborative or an approved private day or residential special education school. 

Once the student's personal physician  determines that a student's medical condition will require either hospitalization or home care for not less than 14 school days, the physician must notify the school district responsible for the student in order to begin the home/hospital instruction process. The student's physician must complete a Department of Elementary and Secondary Education form 28R/3 (or equivalent signed statement) and submit it to the student's building principal or other appropriate program administrator. At a minimum the physician's signed notice must include information regarding:

  • the date the student was admitted to a hospital or was confined to home;
  • the medical reason(s) for the confinement;
  • the expected duration of the confinement; and
  • what medical needs of the student should be considered in planning the home or hospital education services


Child Find

In accordance with Federal Law, IDEA and Massachusetts Law 603CMR28.00, the Millis Public Schools provides special education programs designed to meet the needs of children who are attending not only public schools but also those who are attending private school at private expense and whose parents reside in Millis.

Millis provides all children with an opportunity to participate in the public schools programs using a continuous and systematic effort to identify children in need of special education services.

The Millis Public Schools will arrange for the provision and evaluation of those who are not now attending the public school or children ages 3 through 21 who are unable to progress effectively in a regular program due to a suspected disability consisting of a developmental delay or an intellectual, sensory, neurological, emotional, communication, autism, physical, specific learning, or health impairment or combination thereof.

All programs and services are offered without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and disability

The Millis Public Schools will hold a screening for any 3 and 4 year old residing in the Town of Millis who may have difficulties that substantially interfere with learning or present with developmental concerns.

Parents who are concerned about their child’s development, may contact the school district to request a screening or an evaluation as early as 2 years and 9 months old. Screening is free to all residents in the Town of Millis and is highly recommended for children who may have special education needs. If your child is 3 or 4 years old and may require Special Education Services, he/she can be screened for screened for services now.


Homeless Information

Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, preschool and school aged children have certain rights and protections if families live in any one of the following situations:

  • on the street
  • in a shelter, motel, or campground
  • in an abandoned building, trailer or any inadequate accommodation
  • living with others because you can’t find affordable housing

Please read the homeless brochure regarding McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act for critical information about rights as well as local resources.


Integrated Preschool

Information about the Integrated Preschool Program:

The Integrated Preschool Program has been developed to foster success for both the child with special needs and the typically developing child. The classroom is designed to recognize and respect individual differences.

Referring a child to the preschool program:

A child is typically referred to the program through Early Intervention, a physician, and/or parent concerns. A child initially undergoes a screening process, which is set up through the early childhood coordinator at the Clyde Brown School. The screenings are scheduled on a monthly basis and are performed by members of the preschool team. Results of the screening may indicate further assessment is needed. If so, the child will be evaluated in the areas of concern.


Transfer of Services from an Early Intervention Agency 

  1. A child who is currently receiving services through an Early Intervention Agency may be eligible for special education services in the Millis Public Schools when the child turns three years old.
  2. Before the Early Intervention Agency can release reports and information to the Millis Public Schools a parent must sign a release form. 
  3. Early intervention assessments and reports are then sent to Millis Public Schools 3 to 6 months before the child's third birthday.
  4. An Evaluation Consent Form will be mailed to the family by the Millis Schools for permission to evaluate in areas of need. This may include one or more of these areas: a. educational, b. speech and language, c. occupational therapy, and/or d. physical therapy.
  5. The Millis Integrated Preschool Team will contact the child's Service Provider to set up an observation time. A Millis Public Schools' preschool teacher will observe the child at preschool, during an assessment or during a service delivery session.
  6. The necessary specialist(s) will contact the family to set up evaluation appointment(s) to be held at the Clyde Brown Elementary School.
  7. The child is evaluated by the necessary specialist(s)
  8. A Team meeting is scheduled to be held before the child's third birthday. The following people will be invited to attend:
  9. Reports are written and can be mailed to parents before the meeting date (upon request).
  10. A Team meeting is scheduled and held to determine eligibility for special education services.
  11. Eligibility for specialized preschool program is determined based on individual student needs. 
  12. If the child is found to be eligible for specialized instruction or related services an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed. Services cannot begin until the IEP is signed by parent.


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