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Blended Learning

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What is "Blended Learning"?

Blended learning is education with a modern twist. Students spend time learning in the classroom, but are also able to access their teachers' assignments, notes, and homework on the internet. In a blended learning environment teachers use online tools such as Blackboard, Virtual High School, and Moodle to publish their educational information. These websites help maintain a level of simplicity in the blended learning environment. As explained by Liz Pape, president and CEO of Virtual High School, "Blended learning enables classroom teachers to increase student learning opportunities beyond the school day and school year, more closely resembling the 24/7 model with which the current generation of students is most familiar."

What do blended learning opportunities offer teachers and students?

  • Platform for a 1 to 1 laptop learning environment
  • Platform for Project-based and Problem-based learning
  • Platform for enhancing the curriculum with technology resources
  • Platform for electronic assessment of student work
  • Platform for electronic collaboration
  • Helps students with organization and study skills
  • Helps students to be more self-directed in their learning
  • Helps students with special learning needs
  • Helps schools to personalize learning for all students

How is blended learning being integrated into our school?

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What is the importance of blended learning in the future?

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