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1-to-1 Personalized Learning Initiative

Interview with Grace Magley on Blended Learning and the itsLearning Platform

An interview with Grace Magley, Technology Director for the Millis Public Schools on Blended Learning

iPads in the Classroom Panel at Technology & Learning Tech Forum Boston 2012 with Grace Magley, Kevin Hogan and Patrick Larkin

View this video of a panel discussion of what is happening with iPads in education in kindergarten classes in Rhode Island, Middle School Classrooms in Millis and High School Classrooms in Burlington, MA

Millis School Committee Supports Funding for 1:1 Personalized Learning Initiative with iPads through 2016

After studying and discussing for many months, the Millis School Committee voted unanimously on April 3, 2012 to approve a four-year funding model to provide iPads for all ninth graders starting in the fall of 2012 and continuing each year until 2016.  Since February 2011 Millis grade 8 students have been issued an iPad that they use at home and in school to support and enhance their learning.

Greater Boston Emily Rooney on iPads in Education

Emily Roony speaks with Educators from the Bancroft School in Worcester and Principal from the Burlington Public Schools on iPads in education. Watch the video segment!

Grade 8 Students Receive iPads

Dear Millis Middle School Grade 8 Student and your Parents/Guardians,

On Thursday, September 15th all grade 8 students were assigned an iPad by the school district to be used during the school year. iPads will not be coming home with students until sometime after October 15th. In the meantime, teachers will work with students in school on how to use the iPad to support their learning and the grade 8 coursework.

New Service from COMCAST helps bring families online!

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This new service from COMCAST helps to bring fast, affordable Internet ($9.99 per month) to more students and families.

Today, the Internet is no longer just a convenience, it has become essential for success. Unfortunately, there are still too many students without Internet Service at home - creating a barrier to academic achievement.

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