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Lexia Reading is an award-winning, research-proven software program that helps develop and strengthen reading skills. Students use the program in their classrooms and during technology lab. The program is available for home use and can be downloaded by following this link. Once you've downloaded the installer, you'll be prompted for Millis's customer code during installation. Our code is: 7331-1755-6539-7960� After the software has successfully installed, double click the Lexia icon to start and log in with your child's username and password. If your child is unsure of their logon information, please contact your teacher. Please allow your child to work independently so that teachers can see an accurate assessment of each student's progress. If you encounter problems installing the Lexia program, please contact Pat Granchelli, CFB's Instructional Technology Specialist at .

From the Director of Curriculum: 

The Facts about Math Facts


One of the guiding principles of the MA Mathematical Curriculum Frameworks is “Mathematical ideas should be explored in ways that stimulate curiosity, create enjoyment of mathematics, and develop depth of understanding”.  We believe that our students in Kindergarten through grade 5 are taught through a program that meets that principle.  Everyday Mathematics allows our students to build on their curiosity and to solve sophisticated mathematical problems.  It also helps to generate conversations about math within in the classroom, leading to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts for our students. 

Since our adoption of the Everyday Mathematics program, we have been working on getting our students to know their basic facts – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. While the program offers students multiple opportunities to practice basic skills and math facts, it does not set an exact timeframe for their mastery.  The MA Mathematics Framework expectations for getting our students to know their facts include: 

  • Students by the end of grade 2, will know their addition (addends to ten) and related subtraction facts.
  • Students by the end of grade 3, will know their multiplication facts through 10 X 10.
  • Students by the end of grade 4, will know their multiplication facts through 12 X12 and related division facts.   

Research tells us that in order to determine whether or not a student knows their facts, he/she should be able to state the fact in four seconds. We are using that timeframe as an expectation for our students. 

It is the responsibility of the teachers to teach students math facts.  During the class time, teachers offer students the opportunity to learn and practice these facts through games, worksheets and mental math practices. Knowing their math facts will help students solve more complex math problems.  It is not the responsibility of families to teach the children their math facts, however, just like in spelling, students benefit from repeated practice.  We ask that you help your child study their facts just like you would with their spelling words.  It is very helpful for students when they have this opportunity to practice with an adult or older sibling at home.  

As with any skill, students need practice in order to learn their math facts.   The more they practice, the better and quicker they get at knowing their math facts.  Opportunities at home that would benefit the students may include fact triangles, dice games, card games, flash cards, and orally stating the facts.  (The car is a great place to practice facts as you usually have a captive audience sitting in the back seat!)

“The study of numbers and operations is the cornerstone to the mathematics curriculum.  Learning what numbers mean, how they may be represented, relationships among them, and computations with them is central to developing number sense.” (MA Mathematical Curriculum Frameworks, November 2000)

Below is a list of commercial games that use math skills that will help students to develop mathematical thinking. 

Adding/Subtracting/Counting                        Patterns/Geometry

Chutes and Ladders                                     Crazy Eights card game

Hi Ho ! Cherry-O                                          Rummikub

Sorry!                                                            Tangrams

Trouble                                                           Guess Who?


Strategy/Spacial preception



Clue Jr and Clue

Connect Four



Pretty Pretty Princess


Please visit the link below for additional math practice activities.  Once in the link, use the tool bar to the left t to select a grade level.  Scroll to the bottom of the grade level page for Math activities.  Math Activities Link

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